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    A customer driven team

    Our mission with the client is to follow through the management of his social benefits and human resources. Ensure a first class service experience. Train with the best.

Assurances collectives/Group insurance

Group insurance

At Chiasson Groupe Conseil, we have developed a good relationship with all the service providers, and are in a position to negotiate the best conditions. We have the privilege to serve a diversified clientele throughout Canada and the USA.

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Régimes de retraite/Group retirement plans

Group Retirement Plans

We have the team and the experts at your disposal in order to enlighten you in the management of your established plan (s) or in the choice of a concept adapted to your organization.

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Occupational safety and health

In close collaboration with the CSST and some experts, we are in a position to quickly and efficiently answer your questions and recommend the best strategies.

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